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Founded in 1993 KIWIPLAZA is dedicated to delivering a full range of New Zealand products and brands of health products, deer products, skin care products, wool, sheepskin products, jewelry and Maori carvings. Our mission statement is to develop and grow our business by providing good price and quality of merchandise that exceeds customer’s expectations. The competitive price makes great quantity of sales which leads to a positive cycle.

Besides the physical stores in Auckland, our website is designed for your online shopping pleasure no matter where you are. We want to make it a safe and convenient online shopping experience, one you can enjoy time and again.

Best Health & Altair are agent brands of KIWIPLAZA which specialize in development and production of health food with advanced techniques, manufacturing, filling and packaging. There are more than 300 products which are 100% New Zealand made.

NewIcon, Eden Garden, Just Beauty, Progenic and AEON are well-known agent brands of KIWIPLAZA for their skin care products and have been dedicated to manufacture and produce a large numbers of beauty care products for three to ten years.


KIWIPLAZA has been operating more than twenty years with the great support of the Chinese community in New Zealand and being one of the most popular souvenirs shops in Auckland.

Thanks to everyone all over the world who has been supporting KIWIPLAZA for over two decades, the quantity of sales has doubled and redoubled which brings down the purchasing cost. Running a business with conscience, we win our customer with the best quality instead of advertising costs.

By bringing down "cost " and " advertisement expenses ", we offer the cheapest retail price to our customers, not to get more profit for the business, but to make sure every customer can have the best price with the high quality products.

Therefore, KIWIPLAZA is able to maintain this positive circle as “a great amount of customers lead to sell a large number of products, bringing down the purchase price and the sale price, and circling back to a great amount of customers ”

The highest quality with the lowest price and the best service are the business concept of KIWIPLAZA.