Sale! Comvita Propolis Extract, 10%(PFL15), 25ml Expand

Comvita Propolis Extract, 10%(PFL15), 25ml

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Comvita Propolis Extract, 10%(PFL15), 25ml

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Product Name: Comvita Propolis Extract, 10%(PFL15), 25ml, Exp: June 2023

Brand: Comvita

Ingredients: Pure New Zealand propolis 100mg/g(10%)(equivalent to 222mg/g(22%)fresh propolis) in a water-soluble propylene glycol base .

Directions for Use:Comvita Propolis Extract 10% can be applied directly in the nouth and throat , or mix 6-10 drops in water and drink or gargle up to three times per day . This can be increased if necessary .

Product Information: Propolis is a natural immune-supporting substance gathered from trees by honey bees and used to protect the hive against infections . Comvita Propolis Extract 10% is sourced from New Zealand’s clean , green environment and contains Propolis Flavonoid Levels of at least 15mg/g(PFL™15) as certified by an independent government laboratory . The antioxidant effects of flavonoids have been shown to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system .