Sale! Three Peaks Manuka Honey UMF 12+, Net 200g Expand

Three Peaks Manuka Honey UMF 12+, Net 200g


Three Peaks Manuka Honey UMF 12+,  Net 200g

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Three Peaks is a member of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA), the independent organisation who oversees the use of the UMF™ quality trademark, and who supports industry leading scientific research about Manuka honey.

The UMFHA developed the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF™) quality trademark in order to provide a robust, science-based measure of quality and authenticity for New Zealand Manuka honey. The UMF™ mark on Three Peaks Manuka honey means it has been independently certified for quality, purity and authenticity.

Manuka honey contains over 200 signature compounds not seen in other honeys. The UMF™ rating on each pack of Three Peaks Manuka honey represents the proportion of unique signature compounds characterising Manuka honey that are present in each batch. In particular, the medicinal trilogy of leptosperin, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxyl (MGO) help make up the UMF™ rating.

The higher the UMF™ rating, the higher the proportion of unique signature compounds found in that honey. To ensure you are buying genuine true-to-label Manuka honey, always buy genuine UMF™ graded honey, and always buy the highest UMF™ rated honey you can.

Be aware that other Manuka honey grading systems may not provide accurate or complete assessments of the quality, authenticity and purity of Manuka honey. The UMF™ rating is the only independent certification for authenticity available.