Kiwi Wool Wool Duvet (SINGLE) Expand

Kiwi Wool Wool Duvet (SINGLE 140*210)

Kiwi Wool Kiwi Wool


Kiwi Wool Wool Duvet (SINGLE 140*210)

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NZ$ 125.00

Product Name: Kiwi Wool Duvet Single 550gsm

Brand: Kiwi Wool 

Product Information: Kiwi Wool Duvet 550gsm has 550 grams pure New Zealand wool per square meter. Kiwi Wool Duvet is 100% Natural, 100% Wool Filling, 100% cotton cover, for the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Kiwi Wool duvets have 4 different sizes to fit your need: Single (140cm×210cm), Double (180cm×210cm), Queen (210cm×210cm) and King (240cm×210cm).