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The Tui Boot is the Classic Sheepskins take on the original surfer boot, commonly known to Kiwis and Aussies as the Ugg boot. Modern day sheepskin footwear started life warming surfer’s feet after long sessions in the water.

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NZ$ 110.00

The early boots, often just made from large sheepskin pieces lacked the refined style but fulfilled their main purpose of defrosting frozen feet.Our Tui boots are worn all over the world having stayed true to their roots by keeping feet warm and comfortable whether be it after long periods in the water or simply after a hard day’s work.

Sheepskin gives your feet the natural ability to “breathe” dispersing perspiration & odours along with the flexible & durable man-made sole.

Tui Boots are individually crafted in New Zealand, please allow 2-5 working days for crafting.

NOTE: Due to the natural variations in the sheepskin there may be slight variations in colour from that pictured.